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P. Antonakaki, Kosmopoulos, D., and Perantonis, S. J., Detecting abnormal human behaviour using multiple cameras, Signal Processing, vol. 89, no. 9, pp. 1723 - 1738, 2009.PDF icon sp09.pdf (711.81 KB)
N. Arvanitis, Constantinopoulos, C., and Kosmopoulos, D., Translation of Sign Language Glosses to Text Using Sequence-to-Sequence Attention Models, The 15th International Conference on Signal Image Technology & Internet based Systems - SITIS. 2019.PDF icon sitis2019.pdf (240.54 KB)
S. Chatzis, Kosmopoulos, D., and Papadourakis, G., A Nonstationary Hidden Markov ModelWith Approximately Infinitely-Long Time-Dependencies, International Symposium on Visual Computing, vol. II. pp. 51-62, 2014.PDF icon isvc.pdf (1.63 MB)
S. Chatzis and Kosmopoulos, D., A Latent Manifold Markovian Dynamics Gaussian Process, Neural Networks and Learning Systems, IEEE Transactions on, vol. 26, no. 1, pp. 70-83, 2015.PDF icon TNNLS2311073.pdf (666.5 KB)
S. P. Chatzis, Kosmopoulos, D., and Varvarigou, T. A., A robust approach towards sequential data modeling and its application in automatic gesture recognition, Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing, 2008. ICASSP 2008. IEEE International Conference on. pp. 1937-1940, 2008.PDF icon icassp-08.pdf (64 KB)
S. P. Chatzis and Kosmopoulos, D., A variational Bayesian methodology for hidden Markov models utilizing Student's-t mixtures, Pattern Recognition, vol. 44, no. 2, pp. 295 - 306, 2011.PDF icon pat-rec-10.pdf (919.11 KB)
S. P. Chatzis and Kosmopoulos, D. I., A Non-Stationary Infinite Partially Observable Markov Decision Process, International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks. 2014.PDF icon pomdp.pdf (110.83 KB)
S. P. Chatzis and Kosmopoulos, D., Visual Workflow Recognition Using a Variational Bayesian Treatment of Multistream Fused Hidden Markov Models, Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, IEEE Transactions on, vol. 22, no. 7, pp. 1076 -1086, 2012.PDF icon ieee-t-csvt12.pdf (705.09 KB)
S. P. Chatzis, Kosmopoulos, D., and Doliotis, P., A Conditional Random Field-Based Model for Joint Sequence Segmentation and Classification, Pattern Recognition, vol. 46, no. 6, pp. 1569-1578, 2013.PDF icon pat_rec12.pdf (8.04 MB)
S. P. Chatzis, Kosmopoulos, D., and Varvarigou, T. A., Robust Sequential Data Modeling Using an Outlier Tolerant Hidden Markov Model, IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, vol. 31, no. 9, pp. 1657-1669, 2009.PDF icon ieee-t-pami09.pdf (495.17 KB)