Towards a visual Sign Language dataset for home care services

TitleTowards a visual Sign Language dataset for home care services
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2020
AuthorsKosmopoulos, D, Oikonomidis, I, Konstantinopoulos, K, Arvanitis, N, Antzakas, K, Bifis, A, Lydakis, G, Roussos, A, Argyros, A
Conference Name15th IEEE International Conference on Face and Gesture Recognition
Date Published2020

[size= 13.008px]We present our work towards creating a dataset, which is intended to be used for the implementation of a home care services system for the deaf. The dataset includes recorded realistic scenarios of interactions between deaf patients and mental health experts in their native sign language. The scenarios allow for contextualized representations, in contrast to typical datasets presenting isolated signs or sentences. It includes continuous videos in RGB and depth, which are challenging to analyze and closely resemble real-life scenarios. The research on representation of signs is supported by providing the hand shapes and trajectories for every video using hand and skeleton models, as well as facial features. Furthermore, the dataset may be used for the study of emotional context in Sign Language, since such conversations are typically emotionally charged. [/size]